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Underwater & Offshore Diving

Our comprehensive underwater diving services capability provides the backbone to the company through specialising in vessel and platform based inspection, repair ...

Underwater Cutting & Welding

We have wide experience in marine installation and underwater engineering, we service the industrial & commercial industry for heavy lifting's and precision installations ...

Propeller Polishing & Repair

We undertakes the submarine pipeline installation and underwater cables installation, testing and maintenance. Our company has experienced teams of divers that ...

Underwater CCTV Inspection

Underwater inspection aids in the maintenance process. And those often involve an underwater welder. It's necessary to know where it is and imagery is captured either through ...

Carnival Diving

The Chairman, M. Rambabu worked in the 'Elite Marine Commando Force', Indian Navy as a Diver and Diving Supervisor, trained in the most prestigious 'Indian Navy Diving School' at Kochi, Kerala, which is the only one in Asia of the Defence Forces from 1986 to 1993, also worked in Commercial Diving Field in USA, Visakhapatnam, Mumbai and other parts of India from 1993 to till date.

Cawrnivaal Enterprises is specialised in Underwater Gland Packing, Inspection of Propeller Shafts & Crafts, Salvaging, Survey, Demolation, Construction of Dam-site works, De-silting, Underwater Cutting and Underwater Photography / Videography, Pipeline Laying and Removing and all kinds of Underwater works.

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